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The present situation of the domestic belt conveyer skills
The publisher:admin Views:1133 release time:2015-09-01
The type of belt conveyer produced in China, type more. In the "five-year" time, through the national dragon "nissan ten thousand tons of fully mechanized equipment" project, the skill levels of belt conveyer has made great progress, the coal mine with high power, long distance belt conveyer crucial skills research and new product development has made great progress. Such as long distance belt conveyer complete sets of equipment of large dip Angle, high yield and efficient working face gateway can be elastic belt conveyer are filled the domestic blank, and reduce the key skills of belt conveyer and its primary components in the theoretical research and product development, successfully developed a variety of soft start and brake equipment and PLC as the core programmable electronic control equipment, selects the speed control type hydraulic coupler drive system and planetary gear reducer.